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Like many companies, you are looking for the right person, the one who will fill you up. But it’s hard to find the damn candidate!

«The old ones, too expensive, the young ones, no experience and the thirty-year-olds are afraid to move because in full family construction» say the HR. In short terms, that’s a trouble.

And now there is THE digital, because everyone wants its digital transformation, its 3.0 revolution… It’s no longer a HR department, it’s Indiana Jones looking for the Digital Grail!

As a result, some people strongly believe that we must put boomers in the trash, as they don’t understand anything about digital. They are legion those who think that from 45 years we are no longer worth anything.

So what to do, what to say to get your attention, I’m 50!

Well, I’ll tell you what to do, stop thinking like everybody else and call me. We will discuss and if I cannot convince you to meet me, then I do not deserve to work with you!!!

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A 28 years job trip

Fields of activities

  • Mass market & Retail
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • IT & E-commerce
  • Industries & Services
  • Entertainement & Travel

Things I did over the years

  • Marketing & com strategy
  • Web strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Audit & action plans
  • Brand repositioning

With those success

  • Sales & margin increase
  • Click rate improvement
  • New growth drivers found
  • New websites launched
  • Creation of Market Com services

For those companies

Fields of activities

  • B to C marketplace
  • Market Com Consulting
  • B to B marketplace
  • Communication agency

Things I did over the years

  • New companies launch
  • Companies mangement
  • Business development
  • Marketing strategy & implementation
  • Staff recruitment

With those success

  • Several jobs created
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Value creation
  • Happiness at work
  • Personal achievment

For those companies

Fields of activities

  • Health press worldwide
  • Dental health
  • Diabetes health
  • University education
  • B to B electrical equipment

Things I did over the years

  • Marketing & Com management
  • Sales management
  • Magazines edition
  • Licensing & cobranding
  • Events management

With those success

  • High turnover increasements
  • Image & notoriety enhancement
  • Clients portfolio improvement
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Perfect integration into jobworld

For those companies

With daily missions


I managed several teams in France and Asia, with in mind that if manage is to give autonomy in confidence, that does not prevent control.


Product, price, communication and distribution, it’s the basis of marketing. If you can prepare this cocktail then it will meet customers needs.


Quisque venenatis bibendum nunc. It’s Latin that few people understand. Well, a good communication can make your customers understand Latin.


It’s the big buzzword. Nothing but digital… So okay, let’s go, but let’s do it right, with a realistic strategy and with an up-to-date operational team.


You can say whatever you want, without salespeople, no good business, even if the product or the service is good. Increasing turnover is also my job.


This is a real issue for our future, it’s no longer a question of greenwashing. We can, we must do better business with this concern in mind.

Based on pro skills


Chinese Madarin
Italian & Spanish

Digital medias


Software knowledge

Microsoft Office 365
CMS WordPress
Adobe Creative Suite
Front-End development
Wich make me easy

Helena Helmersson


« Always fashion, he can market products, services and more. »


Reed Hastings

CEO Netflix

« He masters storytelling and content, a good writer. »



Protocol robot

« He can’t speak as much languages as me, but he’s not bad. »


Sheryl Sandberg

COO Facebook

« That is sure, he knows how to communicate by all digital ways. »


Daniel Craig


« He’s not James Bond, but he does the target very well, like him. »

Of course, this is a joke, I don’t know them but what they say is true…

Supported by soft-skills



Open minded







And more...

And a sharp education
  • null

    Sup de Vente - CCI Paris

    Master’s degree in sales and marketing
  • null

    Business High School

    HND Business – Equivalent of a BA
  • null

    Franco-British CCI

    Diploma in Business English – Grade «merit»
  • null

    Technical High School

    HND Electronic – Equivalent of a BA
Always improved
  • null

    MOOC Front-End

    Intensive coding training courses
  • null

    WP Formation

    WordPress and WordPress Pro training courses
  • null

    Top Chinois

    Chinese Mandarin training courses – HSK2
    2017 – Still learning
  • null

    MOOC Computer Graphic

    Adobe Creative Suite 6 and CC
My valuable references
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